Treatment Approach


We all have different ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves, our relationships with others, and our external environments. As a result of our experiences, we tend to form certain patterns of thought and feeling. Through the years, we wear in grooves and become stuck in scripts of behavior. With this “stuckness” can come anxiety, depression, relational distress, and other symptoms, resulting from difficulties we develop in identifying alternative ways of being in the world.

Oftentimes we are brought to therapy by a sense that the same issues are intruding on our lives over and over again. When we can begin to see patterns in our ways of being in the world, our perspectives widen and change becomes possible. I work together with individuals and couples seeking to attain fulfillment, purpose, and connection. My goal as your therapist is to create an open, safe environment for us to understand your struggles.

My role as your therapist is to help you identify the patterns in which you may be trapped. We will do this together by listening to how your distress communicates itself in your relationships: with me, important others, and with yourself. We will identify your blind spots and understand the early relational origins of your pain. With this knowledge and insight, you will be more equipped to make changes in your life and bring about relief and increased satisfaction.

My therapeutic style is primarily psychodynamic in nature, focusing specifically on the power of the therapeutic relationship to give voice to previously unspeakable, painful experiences to facilitate self-awareness and symptom reduction.

I am not currently accepting new patients at this time.